The Posterior Object

class radvel.posterior.Posterior(likelihood)[source]

Posterior object Posterior object to be sent to the fitting routines. It is essentially the same as the Likelihood object, but priors are applied here. :param likelihood: Likelihood object :type likelihood: radvel.likelihood.Likelihood :param params: parameters object :type params: radvel.model.Parameters


Append radvel.prior.Prior objects to the Posterior.priors list to apply priors in the likelihood calculations.


Moved to Likelihood.aic


Moved to Likelihood.bic


Log probability Log-probability for the likelihood given the list of priors in Posterior.priors. :returns: log probability of the likelihood + priors :rtype: float


Log probability for parameter vector Same as self.logprob, but will take a vector of parameter values. Useful as the objective function for routines that optimize a vector of parameter values instead of the dictionary-like format of the radvel.model.Parameters object. :returns: log probability of the likelihood + priors :rtype: float


Overwrite inherited residuals method that does not work


Save posterior object to pickle file. :param filename: full path to outputfile :type filename: string


Load posterior object from pickle file. :param filename: full path to pickle file :type filename: string