Maximum Likelihood Fitting

radvel.fitting.maxlike_fitting(post, verbose=True)[source]

Maximum Likelihood Fitting

Perform a maximum likelihood fit.

  • post (radvel.Posterior) – Posterior object with initial guesses
  • verbose (bool) – (optional) Print messages and fitted values?
Returns: radvel.Posterior : Posterior object with parameters
updated their maximum likelihood values
radvel.fitting.model_comp(post, verbose=False)[source]

Model Comparison

Fit for planets adding one at a time. Save results as list of posterior objects.

  • post (radvel.Posterior) – posterior object for final best-fit solution with all planets
  • verbose (bool) – (optional) print out statistics

List of dictionaries with fit

statistics. Each value in the dictionary is a tuple with the statistic value as the first element and a description of that statistic in the second element.

Return type:

list of dictionaries