LaTeX Report

class, post, chains, compstats=None)[source]

Radvel report Class to handle the creation of the radvel summary PDF :param planet: planet configuration object loaded in :type planet: planet object :param using imp.load_source post: :type using imp.load_source post: radvel.posterior :param radvel.posterior object containing the best-fit parameters in: :param post.params chains: output DataFrame from a :type post.params chains: DataFrame :param radvel.mcmc run:

compile(pdfname, latex_compiler='pdflatex', depfiles=[])[source]

Compile radvel report Compile the radvel report from a string containing TeX code and save the resulting PDF to a file. :param pdfname: name of the output PDF file :type pdfname: string :param latex_compiler: path to latex :type latex_compiler: string :param depfiles: list of file names of dependencies needed for

LaTex compilation (e.g. figure files)
figtex(infile, caption='')[source]

Generate TeX for figure Generate TeX to insert a figure into the report :param infile: file name of figure :type infile: string :param caption: (optional) figure caption :type caption: string

Returns:TeX code
Return type:string

TeX for entire document TeX code for the entire output results PDF :returns: TeX code for report :rtype: string


LaTeX table Class to handle generation of the LaTeX tables within the summary PDF. :param report: radvel report object :type report:


Model comparisons Compare models with increasing number of planets :returns: String containing TeX code for the model comparison table :rtype: string


Summary of priors Summarize the priors in separate table within the report PDF. :returns: String containing TeX code for the prior summary table :rtype: string

tex(tabtype='all', compstats=None)[source]

TeX code for table :returns: TeX code for the results table in the radvel report. :rtype: string